Heavy Duty Towing in Costa Mesa

It’s a horribly rainy day in Costa Mesa, California and you are on your way in your fifth wheel recreational vehicle. Costa Mesa is experiencing a torrential downpour. Suddenly your RV’s engine stops and you pull off onto the shoulder. You’ve avoided a dangerous situation. What now?

Call Rapid Towing because we are the pros who can help you any time  and we specialize in all kinds of emergency off road, including heavy duty towing services for recreational vehicles and accident removal services. Our tow trucks are especially designed to carry loads that are heavy. They are able to handle a great deal of weight. Our crew of skilled technicians can handle your heavy duty loads.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving an RV or a large van. We’ll give them the same level of professional service and quality treatment. We have a proven system of safely attaching and removing a large vehicle like yours. We never use any unnecessary force in the process.

Transporting an RV or large van is no easy task. It takes the skill, patience and aptitude of an experienced team to make it come about. We are successful in hiring the most professional and most qualified roadside specialists. Rapid Towing literally pulls through when it comes to quality and reliability. Heavy duty towing is just one of many towing services we specialize in.

Why You Should Choose Rapid Towing?

Some of our benefits include…
• 24 Hour Availability – we possess a fleet of trucks that work 24/7 to ensure that all your towing needs are taking care of.
• Professional, Courteous Service – We are concerned about you and your car and we’ll make sure that you get the timely, professional, and friendly service you need for your roadside assistance.
• 30 Minute Estimate Time of Arrival – We provide an extraordinary response that is timely.
• We have a fair pricing system. You will always know that you’re getting the best price.

Our Available Services

• 24hr tow truck service
• Emergency Car Refueling
• Flat tire fix
• Charge Car Battery
• Roll Over Service
• Car Jump Start
• Motorcycle Towing
• Private Property Towing
• Light-Medium-Heavy Duty towing
• Car lockout Solutions

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