How to Prevent a Car Lockout Situation from Happening?

Most car lockout situations happens when you leave your car, firmly close the door behind you, and then realize you’ve left your car keys inside, beyond reach.
So close yet so far. Resolving such situations usually entails calling an expert locksmith, waiting for them to arrive, paying for their services, and feeling like you’ve lost the better part of the day.

Tricks And Suggestions

However, using these simple tricks and suggestions you can avoid car lockout situations altogether and save yourself the money, time, and heartache.
Spare keys: make sure you always have a spare set of keys in your house. Even if you get locked out of your car away from home, you can have someone pick them up for you.
A mental sequence: try creating a mental sequence when leaving your car. You can even hum it to yourself or create a little personal jingle. This sequence should list the actions you do when leaving your car, such as turning off the headlights, taking your bag, taking your smartphone, and taking your car keys.
This way, you’ll find yourself humming your little jingle to yourself without even realizing what you’re doing.

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