California Laws for Trailer Lights and Fenders

Towing is a process of repairing the vehicles and giving assistance to the people in need. The California Motor vehicle code has some laws for the trailers.

The Requirements By Law

The laws have some specific requirements for the trailers and lighting. Rapid Towing follows these laws while towing a trailer.

  • Section 27600 : Fenders and Mudguards

Unless the trailer is equipped with fender, cover or other device including flaps or splash aprons, no one can operate the motor vehicle with three or more wheels, trailer or a semi –trailer.

  • Section 24950 : Turn Signal System required

When any motor vehicle tow a trailer coach or camp trailer, the combination of vehicles must be equipped with a lamp-type turn signal system.

  • Section 24603 : Stop lamps

Vehicles which were manufactured after July 23, 1973 and are less than 30 inches wide, needs to be equipped with one stop lamp or two stop lamps at the left and the right side, at the same level.

  • Section 24600 : Tail lamps

Vehicles which were manufactured after July 23 , 1973 may be equipped with one tail lamp. The tail lamp should be mounted at the vertical center line. The trailer may be equipped with two tail lamps one on the left and one on the right, at the same level.

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